(Indian Language Malayalam Title: 'MUPPATHU VELLIKKASU')
For the First Time in World Cinema, The Bible – New Testament in 3D.
"Thirty Pieces of Silver"

There had been a lot of films based on the Bible, in many of the world languages. But, it is a first of its kind in World Cinema that the Bible is being made into a film with the latest technological advancement of 3-Dimensions (3D), and that too in Indian Language. This mega budget film, aptly titled as "Thirty Pieces of Silver", is being directed, by writing its Screen Play and Dialogues, by Mr. Kurian Varnasala, (Mr. John Kurian Velliyamkandam), who had been a multi-faceted Art Director., Producer and Director in India Cinema. He plans to present the history of Jesus Christ in a new format, wherein the Birth, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ are being incorporated in this three-hour long movie. A renowned drama-film-serial actor, hailing from the United States of America, would breathe life into the character of Jesus Christ. The Screen Play, created after ten long years of Bible-Study and also with the help of many Biblical Scholars, is being planned to be shot at various locations of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and India, with its graphics, animation, sound missing, digital intermediate re-recording being scheduled to be done in the United States of America.

After the completion of month-long set-shooting works, the Editing and Dubbing would be done after returning to India, after which the Post-Production works would be completed within three months, in collaboration with the Film Industry of United States of America, making "Thirty Pieces of Silver" ready for release. Apart from Indian Language, the film will also be simultaneously released in English and various other Foreign Languages. The Inauguration of this film was being held at Pastoral Orientation Centre (P.O.C), the Secretariat of the Kerala Catholic Bishops' Conference (K.C.B.C), Kerala, S. India, by His Eminence Cardinal Mar George Alencherry, in the presence of His Excellency Mar Andrews Thazhathu, His Grace Most. Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarakkal, and about 35 Catholic Bishops, and the Religious Leaders of various denominations including Jacobites, Mar Thomites, Orthodox,…..etc. and many priests, nuns, laity and many renowned political leaders and famous personalities from the tinsel world. The team plans to release "Thirty Pieces of Silver" worldwide, on the Easter of 2014. The birth of this film has a good intention of propogating through the medium of Cinema, the words of Jesus Christ "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" (Mk. 16:15)

Film Producer as well as Director.
Directed 8 Documentary Films.
Done more than 20 Ad Films.
Has created Publicity Posters and Designed for nearly 500 films in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.
Learnt the art of Drawing & Painting from Trissur Fine Arts College.
Owns an Advertisement & Arts Institution named 'VARNASALA' (HOUSE OF COLOURS).